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5 Healthy Habits to Kickstart Your Spring Routine

Spring is on its way and I love taking this time to spring clean my home and my habits.

I have made a list of the top 5 healthy habits I want to implement into my daily routine this Spring and wanted to share them with y'all! DM me if you try any of these and how they work for you, or if you have any I should add to my list! x

1. Daily Movement

I think it can get overwhelming to think about doing a hardcore workout everyday. For me, if it is any longer than 30 minutes it is hard to stay consistent! This spring I want to focus on daily movement in general without the pressure of it being a full workout class or going to the gym. Things like getting 10,000 steps in, going on a hike, quick 10 minute abs are all just as powerful to me as doing a full blown workout! I want to stay consistent with small, daily movements that will add up over time so it feels manageable and less daunting. I am definitely going to be using Vizer to donate a meal each time I accomplish my goal because it helps me stay motivated and feel like I am also giving back to the community!

2. Stay Hydrated

I don't know about y'all but sometimes I am the worst at remembering to drink water. I love my coffee and energy drinks (especially Alani) but sometimes I forget to hydrate! I have seen so many people recommend this water bottle from Amazon to remind you of how much to drink throughout the day. A huge goal of mine is to be consistent with my daily water in take, so I am going to try out the water bottle and see how it goes. Staying hydrated always increases my energy levels, helps with my headaches and improves my digestion!

3. Reset Your Sleep Schedule

With moving into the new house and getting used to new sounds and a new bed my sleep has been so funky! I really want to establish a strong morning and night routine and stay consistent with my sleep schedule. With the craziness of my schedule and traveling, it is so easy to get thrown off. So I will be taking the time during the spring to get back into a strong sleep schedule so I can be more focused and energized during the day!

4. Vitamin D, baby!

I love being outside and am so fortunate to live somewhere where the weather is primarily nice and warm! It is so easy to get caught up in my work schedule and not take the time to get outside and get some sun, even if it is only for 10 minutes! Getting natural Vitamin D can improve your sleep, reduce stress and honestly just feels really good. Definitely making this a priority for the spring!

5. Eat More Veggies

I feel like during the winter I am always more lax with my eating habits. With the colder months and the holidays it is easy to stay away from my normal routine. I am ready to get back to the basics and focus on how many vegetables I am eating in my meals. I am going to try and fill half my plate up with veggies for lunch and dinner and see how it goes! I am hoping this will give me more energy and clarity.

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