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6 Essentials You Need This Summer!

I am so excited for summertime! Nothing makes me happier than beach weather and traveling to my favorite places. So many of you have asked my essentials for the summer season and I have listed my absolute favorites below! Excited to hear what y'all think!

1. Laneige Hydro UV Sunscreen

Sunscreen is obviously a must, especially during the summer! I have searched for one that doesn't leave a white cast and keeps my skin hydrated and glowy and this is it! It's amazing and I will be keeping this with me all summer long.

2. Agolde Denim Shorts

The shorts of the season have entered the chat. If you follow me on TikTok you know these are a staple in my wardrobe. I am obsessed with the fit and they are so easy to style. A must-have!

3. Refy Lip Stain

Y'all this lip stain is next level! It literally makes you look like you got your lips done. I apply it after I finish my makeup and it lasts the entire day. The color "blush" is my favorite and has become my new holy grail lip product!

4. Amazon Packing Cubes

This is for all my jet setters! These have made packing for vacations so much easier. I love how organized it keeps my clothes, shoes and makeup. Once I get to my destination it's super simple to unpack and I know exactly where all my stuff is!

5. Victoria's Secret PJ Sets

I have always been an old t-shirt and shorts sleeper until now! These pajama sets have changed the game for me and I can't stop wearing them. They are so comfy and come in the cutest patterns.Perfect to wear on your summer vacay!

6. Amazon Jewelry Organizer

I posted this on my TikTok and so many of you asked where it is from. I love dressing up simple outfits with lots of jewelry during the summer, these keep my necklaces from getting tangled and allows me to easily see all of my options while styling!

xx, Han

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