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Favorite Apps That Help Me Stay on Track

One of my goals for 2021 is to stay consistent in all areas of my life, especially my health and career. I've been on the hunt for apps that make my life easier while helping me stay on track with my goals. I have been using these 3 for a while now and they are consistently where my top screen time goes. I wanted to share with you all in case they can help you too!


Fitness! I feel like I try to make this a priority every year and it always ends up falling off. This app encourages me to stay active while also giving back. You can hook it up to your Apple watch, fitbit or your health app on your phone. It tracks your steps daily and if you hit that 10k mark you donate a meal to those in need! They also give you so many studio options to take classes or you can do your own workout for 30 minutes and donate. Here is a quick video to show you my SoulCycle experience and how easy it is!

Plus, you get rewards! Who doesn't love free avocado hummus from Flower Child? The more you workout and donate, the more you get points to redeem some pretty awesome rewards. This has been the only app that keeps me on track with my fitness and motivates me at the same time. I highly recommend it and have linked it here for you guys if you want to download!


Girl talk! I have been obsessed with this period tracker and ovulation calendar. You can log over 70 symptoms and activities so that it will start to give you period and ovulation predictions. They also have so many articles and quizzes to take if you are looking for some health insights. It has been so cool to learn my body's patterns and be in tune with my health. I've linked it here if you are interested in downloading.


Business! Talk about a life saver. This app has been such a game changer in scheduling out the aesthetic of my Instagram feed. I love the way you can upload different images and switch their placement to find the perfect look. They also allow you to create your captions ahead of time and offer some cool story templates! If you're looking to plan out your feed in advance and keep it organized this will definitely help you. It is linked here for download!

Let me know if you end up downloading any of these and what you think!

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