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My Top 3 Setty Editing Combos

So many of you have asked me how I edit my photos to be "insta-worthy". Honestly, my favorite part of taking cool photos and videos is being able to play around with combining filters and effects to match the aesthetic I want the content to convey. I am no longer gatekeeping my favorite Setty combos...I have listed them for you below! Make sure to tag me and @settyapp if you try them out!

1. Lowkey + VHS

This has been my go-to combo all summer, especially if you’re looking for that effortless film effect. I love how it makes your video look like it was taken on a camcorder, adding a sense of nostalgia to your content!

2. Lowkey + Toast + Date 1

If you add a little bit of lowkey with a little bit of toast it creates the perfect base edit. Once you add in date 1 it puts the finishing touch on the photo. I love using it for photo dumps (it was my go-to at Coachella) to show memories from different dates while keeping the same aesthetic across all pics!

3. Natural + Dust 1

This filter is perfect if you have a photo with darker lighting. It is so subtle, yet effective and when adding in dust it takes your photo to the next level, obsessed!

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