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San Diego Hot Spots: Happy Hour Edition!

So many of you have asked me about my favorite happy hour spots in San Diego! I have made a list of all of the best places I've tried so far. Can't wait to hear if you end up loving them too!

1. Herringbone

Talk about a good happy hour...they literally have deals every night. The ambiance is amazing and it is located right in the heart of downtown La Jolla. I love heading to happy hour and walking to the beach to watch the sunset after. Perfect date night or girls night spot!

Happy Hour Schedule: 4-6PM Mon-Sun

2. Monarch Ocean Pub

Okay this view is to die for and the drinks are amazing. Sunset is my favorite time to go because they do a special sunset toast every night. Its a must-do in San Diego and just walking distance from the Del Mar beach!

Happy Hour Schedule: 4-6PM Mon-Fri

3. Craft and Commerce

This restaurant is so cool and trendy. If you're feeling adventurous i recommend going to Happy Hour and putting your name on the list for the speak easy. Once happy hour is over head into the speak easy and enjoy some tropical cocktails. Such a fun place to bring anyone coming into town!

Happy Hour Schedule: 4-5PM Mon-Thurs

4. Allegro

This place is brand new and I have been loving it. Their happy hour menu is great and the drinks are delicious. It's in the perfect location in Little Italy so you can walk around and explore more places once happy hour is over. Highly recommend!

Happy Hour Schedule: 4-6PM Mon-Thurs

5. Alce 101

The margs here are to die for! The vibe of this restaurant is so cool and if you are looking for a fun selfie spot the bathrooms have the best lighting ever! I definitely recommend ordering a bunch of appetizers and sharing. Such a fun spot and definitely enough seating if you have a bigger party!

Happy Hour Schedule: 4-6PM Mon-Sun

Let me know what y'all think if you hit up some of these spots!

xx Han

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